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and so she filed for divorce. >> time to get scrambled up with steve doocy. >> steve: how are you. >> we have. >> steve: bride. >> military brides. >> steve: very nice. >> have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it is monday. i am gretchen carlson. hope you had a great weekend. america's top spy and war hero david petraeus caught in a covert affair. and the second woman who tipped off the f.b.i.. >> steve: thousands of new yorkersn the dark after hurricane sandy. what does the long island power authority tell those people. they say go to the website.
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the debacle just gets bigger and bigger and brian kilmeade could talk about that but instead will talk about meat. >> brian: one of our nation's largest city declaring meatless monday. put down the burger. "fox and friends" starts now. >> steve: hi, folks, live from studio e. it is "fox and friends" on the day we observe veterans day. and a lot of offices are closed to salute the day. >> brian: there is not many stories that could knock the president's reelection out of the headlines. >> gretchen: are you assuming it would not be told after the
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election. there are many allegations regarding david petraeus. as you heard he resigned on friday after having an affair with paula broadwell who was his bigrapper. she had gone to west point and harvard and valedictorian of her class. she met him upon at harvard and that's when the relationship started. >> brian: she has a book tour. and very impressive and extremely bright and knows the military and unbelievably fit and since 2009 there seems to be something else going on. >> steve: how did we find out about this? thanks to this woman here. she's 37 years old. her name is jill kelly and a social planner in madill for
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joint specialops. in the month of may she got threatening e-mails. she got five and 10 of them. >> brian: you want to tell. mrs. petraeus and the husband who is a cancer surgeon and david petraeus. >> steve: far left is her sister who is a lawyer who represents the whistle-blowers. jill kelly got e-mails. i know what you are up to and back away from my guy. she didn't know who they were from and about. she felt threatened and went to an f.b.i. field office and they traced the e-mail and found out she was sending stuff to one guy and didn't know it was david petraeus and when they realized it was david petraeus they alerted top justice. >> gretchen: that back in may.
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and you have to wonder who knew what and when? this was announced on friday three days after the presidential election. was it held? you have senator diane feinstein in a top position and a law that the f.b.i. is supposed to tell a particular committee when they have something like this under investigation. she she was blind-sided and like a bolt of lightning when she found out. >> we received no advance notice and like a lightning bolt. >> will you investigate why the f.b.i. didn't notify you before? >> yes, this could have had an affect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and vise chairman of the committee. >> it was going on several months and now appears that the f.b.i. didn't realize
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until election day that general petraeus involved. it just doesn't add up. >> brian: there is a lot of things that don't add up. congress has been ignored for four years and i don't know how i feel about that being a chairman of a committee and in the case of dine feinstein and peter king ignored over and over again. it is wrong and you can be ignored. i saw bob's quote a legendary sigh eye guy. the feb fib investigates the sy director for a extra marital affair. there are four or five directors carrying on affairs and the f.b.i. was never brought in. there is more to this story. what you do is tell. you get them together and say you be transparent with the investigation and whatever you
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think of that and extra marital affairs or do your job. you don't usually leave. >> steve: eric holder knew about this in the summer. ron kessler found out about it and heard about it in the month of october. he said there is something big about petraeus and it is an affair. kessler talked to an f.b.i. source and they were outrage they were told we will not touch this until after the election. one of the agents said to leave him, petraeus, in a sensitive position where he was vulnerable compromised security and inexcudable. election day that clapper, the guy who heads up the director of national intelligence found out at 5:00 and went and told the president and after the election when it hit the fan.
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>> gretchen: you have different parallel story lines. maybe the information was held until after the election. you can understand why that may have happened politically and the benghazi, libya situation which is more important frank he right now. what did david petraeus do right after we started finding out about benghazi? he seemed to side in the analysis of a videotape. yimpt that blew everybody away. >> gretchen: i was on the couch here and was surprised he said the terrorist attack happened. if anybody knew about terrorism it would be david petraeus. my number one question is why did david petraeus side with the white house in that testimony? he knew he was under investigation for his personal life and is there more to this story as to why he said that.
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now he may not ever testify. >> brian: hillary clinton has a heavy schedule and can't question. bob woodward spent a lot of quality time with david petraeus said this. >> a weeand half going went to tripoli, libya and conducted his own personal inquiry and interviewed the station chief. and has credible for republicans that are on fire about benghazi and the acting sy mike morell will have to present that evidence and back up the white house. and they still have unanswered questions. >> brian: how do you back up the white house because it is all over the map. senator graham weighed in. >> no affect of an affair on national security. i think we need to move on but
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the end of the day, we have to get to the bottom of benghazi. >> brian: he said it is time for petraeus to testify. >> steve: he's now a private citizen. he could volunteer to and so why does he. >> gretchen: could he be subpoened? i think that is what is going to happen dependog what they need. more information from hillary clinton or david petraeus. >> brian: bee have more pages to discuss. friend and family and workers gathered to will remember a second grade teacher and her husband killed in an explosion in indianapolis. ♪ "amazing grace". ♪ how sweet the sound. >> gretchen: jennifer longworth taught for years and she and her husband lived in one of the homes that was
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destroyed by the blast and rocked the indianapolis neighborhood. >> i out she cried. -- i cried. >> hundreds of people were forced from their homes. investigators say it could be weeks before they know why. >> thousands of people in long island, new york remain without power. long island power authority said they need to speed up the process by going on line. they can hire an electrician to inspect the homes. hundreds of people protested over what is a two-week delay. there are 64,000 people in long island without power and 120,000 people in new york and new jersey . nascar meets the wwe. jeff gordon's wreck called a
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brawl in phoenix. watch this. the fight starts and one of the men grabbed gordon from behind. even the drivers. nascar is looking into the incident before handing out punishment. is it boyier. there is a w in there. bower. and look at that. an all out brawl. >> steve: like a hockey game. >> gretchen: people are thankingar military veterans for service and sack face. president obama marked the somber day with a wreth laying. in the vietnam memorial, veterans marking a major milestone. this year is the 50th anniversary of the war. there is a cross in the mojabi
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desert and after a lengthly legal battle it reinstall dedicated yesterday. those are the headlines. >> steve: straight ahead. republicans have a plan to raise government revenue without hiking taxings. anti-tax advocate grover norquist thinks so. he will join us next. >> brian: you want a burger for lunch? sorry. one city trying to declare meatless monday. good news for the cow. ♪ it's a new way to get cash back deals, and it's called bankamerideals! i sign into my online banking... click the "cash back deals tab"...
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> gretchen: the president claims he will try to
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compromise with the republicans on a plan. the republicans signed a pledge not to ever raise taxings. good morning to you. >> good morning . >> gretchen: what does it do with the pledge many republicans sign with you. >> no one signed with me . it is to the american people. americans for tax reform with all candidates and republicans and democrats. but the pledge is to the american people. we twice now had an argument with obama about his interest to raise taxes to cover his over spending. raising taxes doesn't solve the over spending problem, it is a distraction . we ought to be looking at undoing the damage.
6:17 am
>> gretchen: we know it will not happen because president obama won reelection . he holds the edge in the discussion right now . speaker of the house john boehner immediately saying he generally supportive of trying to close the loop holes. do you see that as raising taxes? >> what boehner said and in the republican position since republican we should reduce rates have economic growth many of which are put in by obama for the solyndra green-type energy programs. let's bring the rates down. boehner was clear he wanted increase revenues it is not a tax increase to put more americans at work. if our recovery was growing the rate reagans did more americans would be at work.
6:18 am
in terms of raising revenue which boehner grew about. if you grew the economy at reagan levels instead of two percent and obama and french levels, just growing faster and do that for a decade, the federal government gets trillions in taxes. we could undo the damage by having higher growth. >> gretchen: that's the difference in ideology. raise it to 3#.9 percent x. replace the alternative minimum tax with the buffet and raise the state tax and long-term capitol gains from 15-20. where do you think that those four points will go in negotiations with the republicans? >> mr. boehner said one thing he's not willing to give up on
6:19 am
is maintaining the 35 percent top rate. obama wants 39.6 percent. it is rather significant increase. the obama care tax increase. he takes the tax rate on half of all maul - on small business fall in the higher tax rate of 44 percent and up from 35 percent that. is a body blow to small businesses . obama doesn't care. they are not unionized and don't help him out. we have to protect that part of the country and focus on reducing spending. he got himself reelected percent . the republican house got itself reelected on the ryan plan and brings the budget in
6:20 am
balance and reduces taxes . republicans have a plan and the president doesn't have a plan comes close to balancing the budget. >> gretchen: he was reelect it will be interesting to see it goes. >> brian: he was elected not to be romney. >> gretchen: thank you so much. better enyoy the cup of coffee. it may be gone tomorrow. and here is a different story about what they knew . we'll example the fall out coming up next . [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles
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>> gretchen: for the first time israel is drawn in the
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fighting in neighboring syria. the country firing warning shots after a mortar shell landed in a israeli outpost. and new study finds that women who had the flu while expecting were twice as likely to have a child with autism. guys? >> brian: this week's congressional inquiry on the attacks in libya. and the immediate military response or was there an immediate response. >> steve: diane feinstein chairman of the senate committee on intelience spoke and said the system is great and now figure out if the system works. >> we proud over the time from 9/11 stove pipes have been down and the intelligence is
6:25 am
better analyzed and red teamed and national security branch of the f.b.i. and national counter terrorism center and all of the above. no the question comes. how does all of that really work? this is a live incident to show something wrong in the assessment and i want to see exactly what it is. >> steve: we all do. what is the reason for the conflicting details in benghazi and one line that trumps the other. gary joins us. >> good morning. >> there is a sy time line and they went 26 machines and deploy and bring 30 people out of the consulate. the other problem is 50 minutes before secretary of defense panetta is brief and dempsey joint chiefs of life. the scheduled meeting with the president. you wait an hour when the u.s.
6:26 am
sovereign territory is attacked and run. the sy had moved people over to the annex and then panetta said go ahead and start to move people and wait five hours for him to recertify the order. >> brian: you know, gary, you have to understand civilians it started and stopped and not one continuous attack? >> brits who were on the ground said it a continuous attack and witnesses say continuous fire arm in the entire process. but once your people are under attack from small weapons and assault and rpg's. you move people. they didn't move. they were slow to act. the department of defense. big, and slow and burrcratic and it is heart breaking. the men who moved quickly as they could. they had a slight delay and tried to get the libyans to
6:27 am
help them. but they had to go on their own. to wait five hours for the recertifiation . the special operators on the ground expected help to come and holding out and fighting for their lives while the bureaucracy didn't act to save them. it is heart breaking. >> brian: they were calling send something in right now and give us a hand. >> steve: who do you want to hear from? >> they need to bring the rso and region security officer from benghazi back. not nordstrom, but the current rso back and closed hear bring the senior cia officer back and have them in a closed hearing. don't ask the people in washington d.c. because they will be writ yen rewritten before they are brought to them. bring the guys back and said tell us the truth with what
6:28 am
happened. >> brian: i hope it will be. your take on david petraeus. >> heart break a terrible way for him to go out. bad decision making on his part. they had to have known and for them to say they were intercepting e-mails and reading the sy director emaims and not reporting that it the white house is bull. >> steve: you have a problem with the f.b.i. looking at sy e-mails. >> unbelievable. what the dni should have done should call him and say what is this? what is this? what is going on here instead of waiting. >> brian: he didn't find out according to tuesday? they use him. >> they are not telling the truth. they get pants on fire award. >> steve: who isn't. >> the white house is not telling the truth. it is politically engineered
6:29 am
by all of you would not be reading the cia's e-mail and doing the investigation in the diameter of the justice without informing the white house. they are lying. >> steve: you used to be with the sy and so you would have know. >> brian: wow. >> steve: disturbing. >> brian: stories you haven't heard in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> i couldn't wait to get in the car. i just couldn't. >> heroes rising from the rubble. what one city had to endure. >> steve: you want a juicy burger? one city trying to take it out. >> brian: happy birthday to: buck kdharma. >> steve: he's 65?
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introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does. >> people lining the streets for the annual veterans parade. newest freedom fighters. the oldest after school club for kids 6-16.
6:34 am
>> wow. i didn't know that. and one of america's finest and obedient four-legged friend wowed the crowd in the parade. >> gretchen: very nice. remember the veterans. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: airlines in the country facing the most serious pilot shortage since the 1960s. half of all american pilots are over the age of 50. experts say there will not be enough candidates to replace the pilots who reach the retirement age by 65. new pilots will have to have 1500 hours of flying experience and six times the current requirementings. - on requirements. >> a senior citizen home in california is under fire for two people died. >> the care giver picked
6:35 am
poison mushroom and used them to make the folks a home made soup. they say no foul play was intended. but the victim's loved ones are upset that more is not done about the case. >> brian: are coffee beans disappearing? rising temperatures could wipe oud wild coffee beans and those are the favorite and the shortage could ruin coffee exporters like ethiopia and columbia and blazil it is a warning for the coffee growers; you don't want to be short. >> steve: you just don't. >> gretchen: the capitol of the world declaring monday meatless. the los angeles city council
6:36 am
encouraging people to go veggie on the first work way. it is a regulation that can not be enforced. you are meatless on monday regularly. >> brian: yes, a lot of people on pure protein diets are not happy about this. >> steve: it is tastey. >> brian: protein mania. >> steve: beef for breakfast. we'll see what is happening on the weather. portions of america's dairy land storms are moving out . down through the tennessee valley and gulf coast. and some of the stuff is heavy moving through memphis . central plain states. nice and dry but it is chilly. you can see with the thunderstorms behind it. a cold front and twen in kansas city and 19 in
6:37 am
minneapolis. and much warmer weather. 62 in cleveland and 55 in raleigh duram . 70 in new orleans . add meatless monday megop lis, los angeles, they currently have 47 degrees. >> brian: nfl not missing a beat. stunning news. i went to bed thinking phil jackson was the next laker coach and turns out he's not the laker coach. it is mike d'antoni. he is the new coach. he also didn't want to go to away games and so apparently that did not go well d'antoni said i will take the job and i want to get the knick taste out of my mouth. steve nash is my point guard and life is good. meanwhile, why did they catch that ball? she is holding up a special
6:38 am
glove. >> gretchen: that's not my hand. >> brian: turn it over. in a salute to the troops. they go cam flage . the giants department sweat and that's why they lost . did something special as well in the world of sports and football. we do the best from the weekend games and best ruin - run peterson. detroit lions were up again and they lose the game 34-24. and next best upset. cincinnati. it pains me to say they smashed the new york giants from first quarter to fourth and there they go. and they recuperate from the big loss with a win. 31-13. that is a must win game. dallas over the eagles.
6:39 am
tied. and suddenly the cowboys get their groove back and play well and win and prevail . they are now within shouting distance . new york giants. and he may not be able to play next week. >> steve: wrath of hurricane sandy felt in new york as people head in the second week without electricity in some cases. >> more trucks, more trucks. >> steve: no kidding. the long island authority adding insult to injury . told the residents in rockaway that they have to hire a licensed electrician before power is restored and they could get inspection forms on lean. they are live long island with the big troubles. that is a genius mauve, robert. go on line. they don't have electricity.
6:40 am
>> yeah for the 64,000 customers. going on line is not an option. and where we are east meadow in nassau county, 1800 customers don't have power. protestors gathered this weekend to express the displeasure with the slow pace of restoration you could hear their anger. power was restored to 95 percent of the customers who can safely receive it. for many that is not enough. >> they don't give a rat's tail about us. that is unfair. we pay our pills just likesh else. >> there is eldarely people who live here . what does it take? it is so cold . we need help. power will be restored to 99 percent of the customers who can safely receive it by the
6:41 am
end of the day tomorrow. robert moses, fox news. back to you. >> brian: don't change the rules and say you have to have voluntarily firefighter to do it instead. they put the note on the door and the licensed firefighter said if i can't see it. they changed rules every day. the people in tears and can't even walk. they will at a by their house . no electrical importance is going to come to your door. you have no prayer getting electricity. 92 there is a big rally and an elderly person said i am old and i am cold. >> brian: very well put. >> steve: it is a disoperate situation. >> gretchen: a man goes to the movie wearing a joker mask. >> brian: business owners say
6:42 am
they are the big losers now . ♪ ♪
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6:44 am
6:45 am
>> 45 minutes after the top of the hour. another insider attack in afghanistan leaves sold your dead. 60 coalition troops were killed by insider attacks n this year alone. >> a 17 year old colorado university student walked in a movie theater wearing a joker mask and walked out in handcuffs. he told cops he wanted to scare his friends.
6:46 am
>> he is facing five charges. >> brian: hurricane sandy thee weeks behind us. why are people struggling to get l house turned on. politicians are frustrated and i felt they would be in the lop. tom is a former homeland security official and current town supervisor of islip. tom, what is the case today as opposed to last week. >> we are seeing some improve we are able to provide the data that the power crews need. >> brian: you are putting your own people at the substations to dict the lipa trucks to know where they are going. and some of the guys have no direction and don't understand what is lit and isn't. >> we put resources where the rubber hits the road. we have seen the numbers fall
6:47 am
using the process . we did the work and gave it to the power company and so we are pushing in there ourselves. >> word is sufox county fired the state organization. and you are busting down the gates. >> i think the county executive took strong action and went out there to try to get through the bureaucracy to get the power turned back on we used data and get it in the power crews who are doing the hard work. >> was this proper prepation . we know the power of the storm. >> from my perspective on the homeland security with the white house. we used to have video conferencing two or three days out and dema, and the department of homeland security and department of energy and state emergency
6:48 am
centers were all on the line and coordinated from the white house situation room and able to determine. we have a big storm coming. let's make sure we pump fuel in the pipe lines. and all of that coordination. didn't not take place. it was not affective. >> and after the power gets up, what should the country know about what this area will need. >> all of long island is hurting. it will be a long-term recovery process and we need the federal resources to rebuild. and residents are going to rebuild the home and lives. >> are you court reportered about it being a tropical storm. >> it was a category one. and 90 miles per hour wind and that is a kind of a hurricane and super storm and the devastation we are seeing on
6:49 am
long island. 90 miles per hour winds. i don't know if that nighs. >> brian: thank you soap much. you have to go back to work. president obama may have won the election . but business owners like the one you are about to meet say they are the big losers. and is james bond still relevant even with blonde hair? you are about to find out. ♪ ♪ this family used capital one venture miles
6:50 am
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>> steve: the president signed health care reform and many small businesses were
6:53 am
concerned about affording it. the painful reality is starting to set in. she judy nicoles is owner of three papa johns. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: with obama care going forward, the way the law reads. if you have 50 or more employees, you have to spend $2000 per employee to provide health care. how many employees do you have on your pay roll and what will you have to do? >> we have 51 full-time and the base is 2013. we have to managed down our staffing by four part-time or two full-time people in the 2013 people from the depining or we qualify big business in the 45,000 tax and $2000 ed had. we can't afford that. it is just pizza.
6:54 am
>> it is also business. and it is a lucrative business and i understand you have been talking about how you purchased a plot of land and where do they stand right now on it? >> they are terminate we put it on hold hoping that the government would revisit the issue so we could grow and at add yobs. they will not revisit it and we can't afford the tax. we would be called big business. >> steve: we had a fellow on. and he told us. he has a bunch of applebees . he will not build mores because he can't hire more people because obama care would cost him too much money and they would have to raise prices or down size, is that the samuation you are in?
6:55 am
>> yeah, the price of pizza has been $10 for a very long time and we have had three minimum wage increase . fuel is up and my profit margins have shrunk from 10 to two percent and you want to pay the bills and to heck with making money. want foget bigger but the cut off of 50 and you go so far you hit the ceiling. >> speaking of ceilings, i wanted to go into business for myself so i would not have ceilings and in corporate america i could only get promoted so far. my daughter is 18 and left the house and i don't have to be a full-time and i wanted to be a
6:56 am
full-time career . i was so ready for growth and grocery tores and pizza. and i cannot pay my atf and pay all of these taxes. there is only so much blood to get out of a turpip. >> steve: and pizza is only $10. and why will they boycott companies that say this has an impact on the bottom line. if you boycott every restaurant company that has problem. it is affectingev restaurant. every restaurant that you eat at is impacted negatively by the law. young kids don't want to spend money on health care and a new car and new home or tuition they don't need health care and they are healthy. 92 i know what you mean, judy nicoles joining us from
6:57 am
houston. >> thank you for giving us a voice. >> steve: next up on the run down. it is not harvard or yale and donald trump on deck and has a message to the president over the petraeus scandal. he's next, too. from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. ve lately. that moment you enjoy it at home. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling.
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♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. toes monday, november 12, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. the big news story, his resignation sending shock waves through washington. david petraeus quality in a covert affair. overnight new details more thanking about a different woman who allegedly sparked the f.b.i. investigation, the one on the right. >> brian: last hour you heard from a business owner forced to cut back since president obama was elected. she's not alone. ceo's across the country are feeling the pinch. we'll talk to donald trump about
7:01 am
that. >> steve: two weeks after sandy and still many are in the dark. as you can see, they are not happy. so what's the power company's answer for the thousands of frustrated customers? go under our web site, which is kind of complicated when you don't have electricity. "fox & friends" hour two for a monday starts right now. >> steve: welcome aboard. yesterday was the 11th day of the 11th month, which is veterans day. but today is the holiday. so you'll notice a lot of stuff is closed today. new york stock exchange will be open. >> gretchen: all right. maybe that's to make up for some of those days they were closed during the storm. update for brian, offline got your power back in the 9:00 o'clock last night. i'm actually -- what 30,000 unnecessarily going through.
7:02 am
not that everyone doesn't under the magnitude of the storm, but what was actually happening was maddening over the weekend. >> gretchen: in the meantime, let's get you up to date with a couple headlines. friends, family, co-workers and students gathering for an emotional syringe toll remember a second grade teacher and her husband killed in an explosion in indianapolis. ♪ amazing grace, how sweet the sound ♪ >> gretchen: jennifer longworth taught at a school for 12 years. she and her husband lived in one of the homes destroyed by a blast that rocked a neighborhood saturday night. >> when i found out he had died, too, i cried. i just really cried. >> she just loved her job. she was good with all of the kids and did an excellent job. >> gretchen: hundreds of people have been forced from their homes following this explosion and investigators say it could be weeks before they know exactly what caused it.
7:03 am
adding insult to injury, while thousands of people in long island remain without power, the long island power authority is advising them to speed up the process of getting the power back by going on-line the but they don't have power. official reportedly told a group of residents in rockaway that they can hire an electrician to inspect their homes and to get inspection forms on-line. this as hundreds of people protested over what has now become a two-week delay in getting their power back. at last check, there are just over 64,000 people in this area without power. 120,000 people throughout new york and new jersey. nascar meets the wwe, clint boy and jeff gordon's race at the end of the race causing an all-out fight in phoenix. the fight starts when one of the men on boyar's crew grabs gordon from behind and then both sides goat into it. nascar officials looking further into this incident before determining punishment. gordon says his tension was escalated over the years and he
7:04 am
just got fed up. extra special veterans day tore 30 airmen returning home after ten weeks overseas. loved ones gathered in tampa, florida yesterday give a warm welcome to 927th air refueling wing. >> really tough thing being away from your family and friends, two beautiful little girls, beautiful wife. >> every day we're counting down and when we first see that plane coming in, taxiing in, the feeling inside is just so great that he's home, he's safe. >> it was a great feeling. very excited. >> it's really, really good. it's been tough the last two months with him away. it's extra special 'cause it's veterans day. >> gretchen: the group has been in southwest asia helping with air to air refueling of war planes and. and those are your headlines. even the pup get not guilty on the action. >> steve: new details about the affair which led to the resignation of c.i.a. director david petraeus. we now know the target of the
7:05 am
threatening e-mail that prompted the investigation and this morning there are questions about whether our national security was at risk. now more from dc with what we know. >> good morning to you. fox news has learned that f.b.i. investigators actually confronted now former c.i.a. director david petraeus within the last six weeks about his relationship with paula broadwell. the f.b.i. uncovered the affair months ago before jill kelly, a family friend, went to the f.b.i. when she began receiving threatening e-mails from another woman. her concern was that someone was trying to blackmail petraeus that. person is not believed to be broadwell. some are questioning why the president accepted the resignation in the first place and with congressional hearings on the benghazi attack set to begin, some are even questioning the timing. >> are you going to investigate why the f.b.i. didn't notify you before? >> yes, absolutely. this is something that could have had an effect on national
7:06 am
security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it and that is just to inform the chair and the vice chairman of both committees. this has happened before, not with precise same things, but none of the four of us have ever breached that confidentiality. >> as petraeus was supposed to testify before congress on what he knew about the situation and the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, now that he has resigned, the c.i.a. deputy director will now brief congress thursday about the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. some members of congress would still like to see petraeus testify about what he knew about benghazi. >> we have a national security failure along in the making. i don't see how in the world you can find out what happened at benghazi before, during, and after the attack if general
7:07 am
petraeus doesn't testify. >> fox news learned that paula broadwell may have revealed classified information during a speech at her alma mater, university of denver. she suggests that petraeus knew almost immediately that attack was a terrorist attack, possibly to free militia members. but a few days later, petraeus testified in a closed session to congress that the attack was due to spontaneous uprisings in response to an am anti-islamic video. some congressional leaders now believe petraeus lied. back to you, steve. >> gretchen: that's a big question this morning. thank you so much. let's bring in donald trump to get his thoughts on this. good morning to you, donald. >> good morning. >> gretchen: so the question to me this morning seems to be why did general petraeus say that uprising in benghazi had to do with the videotape? as the head of the c.i.a. and somebody who had known terror probably better than anybody, why do you think he would have said that? >> he was hiding that. he was hiding obviously a lot of things. the fact that his scandal wasn't
7:08 am
mentioned prior to the election that, would have had an impact on the election. it's amazing what's going on in washington. people are hiding everything. >> brian: they knew about this in the summer. >> right. >> brian: they started the investigation in the spring. how was it that the f.b.i. investigating the c.i.a. director and that's okay? >> it came to right after the election. it was 5:00 o'clock on election evening. in other words, everybody, most people had gone in and voted. it was mentioned essentially the following day and isn't that an amazing thin? yet they knew months before. so they wanted -- they knew this was going to be something that was very sexy news and people could relate to it. and frankly, they held it back and only a very, very dumb person would say it was just a coincidence. but it came out basically the evening of the election. unbelievable. >> steve: the director of national intelligence reportedly said look, you got to quit, then he quit. do you think mr.-- general petraeus should have quit over an apair?
7:09 am
down in washington, there are a lot of people who have affairs and they don't have to quit. >> brian: president clinton didn't quit. >> i think the way it came out was terrible. the amazing thing with petraeus is there was a straight arrow -- you said, this is not possible for him. you know lots of people, you just don't talk about them. there are lots of affairs going on of the but with petraeus, it was so uncommon, you would never think this would have happened with petraeus, of all people. and not only did it happen, but the women were fighting over him. >> gretchen: apparently. more detail also probably come out. >> i'm sure. and by the way, there might be other women involved also. >> gretchen: what i think the american people should be interested in is what his job was, which was being the director of the c.i.a. and what did he know about libya? do you think that he should be forced -- to me, that seems to be interesting timing, that he resigns and then why does that curtail him, just because he resigned, from testifying next week? >> i have some very, very
7:10 am
skeptical and wise friends that say he resigned really for that. he didn't want to testify. i don't believe that because i think this is too much trauma for himself and his family to go through, frankly, to do that. this is too big. this is too much of a mess for him personally to do. i think he would have been better off testifying, frankly, about libya. but there are those people that say he resigned not because of the affair, but because he didn't want to testify about libya. he should absolutely testify. they should force him to testify. >> brian: let's talk about the election itself. i know that brian williams was very critical of you in your tweets on election night. you were obviously going for governor mitt romney. what's your answer to him? >> you know, i tweeted a lot about brian and i tweeted very negative things about brian. i said that the nbc nightly news has become very, very boring, which it has. and he was critical of that. and it has become very boring. and a couple of other things. so he actually, i picked up 197,
7:11 am
137,000 followers after he and others mentioned what i did, my little attack on brian. the funny thing is, when i tweeted about brian, nobody cared. they were more interested in patterson and kristen stewart. they didn't care about brian inasmuch such is twitterverse. >> brian: it was a great compliment. right in the middle of the election, he starts reading my tweets. >> steve: speaking of the election, how do you think mitt romney ran his campaign? >> well, i think he's a wonderful guy. i think he's a nice guy, but he should have been tougher. he should have been out there more. he should have been on your show a lot. he should have been on lots of other shows and say what you want about obama, he was on letterman, he was on leno. he was on "the view." he was on everything. and he should have done that. the ads were bad and don't forget at the beginning he started saying what a nice man our president is, how he's such a nice man. i think he stopped that at the end when he was getting hammered. it was very sad. >> gretchen: you think it was more the candidate rather than
7:12 am
the party? >> well, i think a lot of things were bad. $400 million was spent on ads, you hear all about the pacs and some of them were the worst were i've ever seen. they did one where obama was a super hero. and they thought it was bad: i thought it was an obama ad. i thought, what great ad. then it was done bay friend of yours -- by a friend of yours. it was a republican ad. i thought it was a democrat ad. and they had many ads that were better. it was a mess. there was no way the republican should have lost. in a million years, they should not have lost with unemployment, with the country at a mess, with benghazi, with a scandal at the c.i.a. which turned out to be revealed about one hour after the polls closed, there is just no way the republicans should have lost this election. this is going to go down as a disaster. >> steve: it's never a disas whenever donald trump drops by
7:13 am
and he drops by every monday morning here on fox friends friends. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> gretchen: next up, the fiscal cliff, more good news. what it means for your bottom line if the president and congress can't get on the same page or should they? >> brian: then going green? going to save them a fortune. now yellow cabbies are seeing red. that story ahead try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business.
7:14 am
this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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7:16 am
>> steve: we keep hearing how washington is about to take us over the fiscal cliff unless the president and congress can get on the same page, do something. they've been kicking the can. what does that mean for your weekly paycheck. >> brian: joining us now as these negotiations move forward, charles payne. the fiscal cliff costs people
7:17 am
between 2 and $3,000 per household if we go over it in january is? >> right. this is something that impacts every single person in this country, for the most part. even unemployed people whose benefits, that goes back to 26 weeks. so there is very few people that will come out of this unscathed. >> steve: there are a number of components to the fiscal cliff. and we're going to take a look at each of them. one of them is the payroll tax cut. that's going to expire at the conclusion of the year. >> right. that's the one that hits the most people. we all put money toward medicare. we've gotten a break on that. >> brian: social security. >> this is on the medicare side. it's about 20 bucks a week for the average person out there. we are -- considering how our incomes dropped over the last several years that, 20 bucks means a lot to people. so that's something that will hit every single person. that's something the president said hey, let's put that through. let's forget about everything else, let's put that through. the problem, though, for congress is listen, if we put through all the things that seem
7:18 am
okay and that you want, then there is nothing left for what we really think is going to hurt the economy. that's small business. >> brian: the medicare needs the money. are you going to keep robbing that fund of dollars? >> absolutely. >> brian: the bush tax cuts, i heard this over the weekend from tom coburn, republican, and bill crystal, republican, that they're willing to allow the top tax rates to go back up to 39% from 35%. that's part of the bush tax cut. >> i think ultimately, this will be allowed to go through. but i don't think the threshold will be 250,000 for a couple. that's just way too low. >> brian: charles schumer says make it a million. >> i think it will be a million. my gut feeling says that we actually triggered a fiscal cliff which is more like a slope, so we don't fall over, overnight. but the stock market reacts, the american public reacts and then these guys get their act together. i think the compromise probably will be a million, which makes a lot more sense then suggesting
7:19 am
a family making 250,000 is in warren buffet's category. >> steve: let's loot at other components. unemployment benefits will change at the conclusion of the year. depreciation incentives and then the sequester, or gigantic spending cuts. >> that's the other part of compromise. it's absolutely insane what they're talking about doing to defense. there is absolute lea no way they'll let it go. it can't happen. all of this being said, what we're going to see an incentive for people to stop working. we have record medicare, unemployment benefit, we're going to see a whole lot of people, anybody making less than $50,000 a year action they'll say what the heck. doesn't make sense. >> steve: just live on the doll? >> why not? >> steve: is a. >> it is sad. it's not america. >> brian: we're going to watch you as you fill in for stuart varney. we won't be sad about that.
7:20 am
it will be payne and company. change the animation. >> it's me, baby. [ laughter ] >> brian: it's not your amateur. >> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, next up, it's the hardest college to get into and it's not harvard or yale. what is it? we've got the answer. >> brian: keep reading. i'm laughing. >> steve: then our next guest has a story every dad and son needs to hear. how it could change your life forever years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50. the one they used in that study...
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7:23 am
>> brian: 49 in49. that's how much americans will
7:24 am
pay for turkey and other thanksgiving dinner staples. the estimate, according to the american farm bureau federation. next, 3.2. that's the percentage of students accepted last year to the curtis institute of music, the most selective in the country. it beat julliard and harvard. i could have went there if i just stuck with the clarinet. finally, $87.8 million. that's how much the james bond flick called "skyfall" made this weekend at the box office. it broke a franchise record. he dies in the end. >> gretchen: thank you. most may think that nothing can fix the ten-year-old feud between a father and son. turns out that's not the case. for one man it was an eight-hour conversation. it changed his perspective, turning his dad from an on the grounder into an inspiration. the story is all in nationally syndicated radio host larry elder's brand-new book and he's my guest now. great to see you again. been too long. you say that this book is an apology to your father. why? >> my father and i had this huge
7:25 am
fight over something that was pretty minor when i was 15 years old. we did not have a meaningful conversation for ten years. so it began to bother me. i sat down with my dad and for eight hours, from 2:30 'til 10:30 we talked. i unloaded. i promised myself i was going to be calm. i wasn't going to talk about the whippings, beating, screaming. the temper that he had. he was like a seething volcano walking around. i sat down with him, started out calm and i unloaded on him. and i found out all sorts of things about him i never knew. he did not know his biological father. never married his mom. he was an alcoholic who beat him and his mom. he had a fight with his dad. we're talking about a black man, jim crow south during the great depression. >> gretchen: you make the analogy about a tiger mom. you say forget about that, i had a junkyard dog dad. you came to understand him more,
7:26 am
but you came to respect him as well because he held two jobs and he was just trying to bring home enough finances for the family. >> when you're a little kid, you don't realize what's going on of the all you know your dad is inc.ry and irritable all the time. i didn't realize he was working two full jobs as a janitor, cooked on the weekends, plus went to get his ged. and that's why my father was so cold and so angry. you average 4 1/2 hours of sleep for ten, 12, 15 years, see how you feel. >> gretchen: kind thereof a little beaumont had is this book for? because some will say this a story about you personally with your father, but you have a really important message here. >> the book is for anybody that has a junkyard dog dad like my dad. he was a world war ii marine. he joined when he was in his late 20s, stationed on guam, came back, couldn't get a job as a cook because he was told in the south, we don't hire any n words. came to california where he visited, thought things would be better. and he went from restaurant to
7:27 am
restaurant to get a job and told, i'm sorry, sir, you have no references. he worked two full-time jobs as a janitor because and he my mom believed it was important for her to stay at home while he raised three boys. they did so on my dad's income as a janitor and then he saved up money to start a cafe. that's when we had a fight. my brothers and used to work for him. >> gretchen: the message you want to give to people is if they grow up in a similar situation, what should they take away from this? >> first of all, be appreciative that off father in your life, even if he's a difficult junkyard dog like my dad. second of all, it's never too late to sit down with your relatives. my female friends told me they had difficult relationships with their fathers and one time they sat down and worked it out. the message is, sit down. don't assume dad thinks something else. don't waste those years. when i've told this to people and they read the book, people
7:28 am
have reached out to their father, mothers, daughters. daughters reached out it their fathers as well. >> gretchen: it's very inspirational. laureledder "deer father, dear son." >> gretchen: now you see t now you don't. this victoria secret model is being yanked off for being offensive. we'll figure that out later. then think off great burger recipe? tony wants to know about it. he's willing to pay. he's outside with brian. that's coming up next [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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♪ . >> gretchen: it's injure shot of the morning. i was asking the question what, is wrong with this model? she looks fit, yes. but she's being yanked off the runway because some say that native american head dress she's wearing is offensive and had no place in the show. she wore it last week u about will be edited out when it airs next month. victoria secret issued an
7:33 am
apology. i was so caught up on her figure that i wasn't noticing the headress. >> brian: joining us to expand on that story is tony. you saw the catastrophe that took place and years on the runway could benefit the show. i know you're here to talk about something else. you saw the story about the model who couldn't wear it. >> that's really devastating. unbelievable. >> brian: what does this do to your modeling industry? >> i'm out. i'm going to retire seeing that girl in a headress. it's very offensive. >> brian: you are going to quit modeling because of the stance they took on her headress? >> i can't believe it. >> brian: breaking news. eric shaun, wake up. you got yourself a story. back to you. >> steve: brian in a moment but we'll do a couple headlines. airlines from across the country facing what threatens to be the most serious pilot shortage since the 1960s.
7:34 am
there won't be enough to replace the thousandses who will reach the mandatory retirement age of 65 in the not too distant future. hiring will also be complicated next summer by federal regulations. new pilots will need to have at least 1500 hours of flying experience. that's six times the current requirement. great. >> gretchen: tension coffee drinkers, your precious cup of joe could be in jeopardy. researchers say coffee beans are under threat from climate change. rising temperatures could wipe out up to 99% of wild arabica coffee beans by 2080. that's a little in the future. it could ruin the economies of big coffee exporters like ethiopia, brazil and colombia. the impact could mean rising coffee prices for future coffee -- wait a minute. we're worried about the coffee drinkers' prices prices in 2080? what about the deficit we have in 2012? just saying. >> steve: we can invent a new buzz before then. green taxi drivers seeing red. new york cabbies who switched to
7:35 am
hybrids say they aren't saving on gas because they're paying so much for repairs. hybrid drivers say their cars keep breaking down. one said his car caught on fire, which is bad for business. some cabbies are blaming new york city michael bloomberg. they say they bought hybrid cars because the mayor was going to require all cabs to be hybrids by this year, but then the court shot down that mandate and they changed the rules. >> gretchen: the kindness of strangers extended to animals in the wild. koala narrowly escape has blaze. he got a much needed drink of water. well, if this scene looks familiar to you, you're right. this picture of a firefighter feed ago koala water after a fire three years ago became an internet sensation. they're especially vulnerable because they move slowly on the ground. >> steve: from koalas to a goose and kilmeade. >> brian: thank you very much.
7:36 am
i'll accept that toss. he went from running the field as a defensive tackle to running the side lines as a fox analyst. gets to sit there with his hands in his pocket and tell everyone what's going on on the field, teaching america also is something else he does. he owns restaurants. he's an entrepreneur. tony saragusa and he's going to tell bus this great burger contest. you worked the saints-falcons game. big upset. unbeaten falcons. >> yeah. the falcons were shocked, i think. i think just like everybody else. new orleans is back. they got an attitude now. i think drew brees has a lot of confidence. long runs. they decided to stick with the run game. not just put it in drew's hands. you're going to score with drew's arm, but the run game is a big part of the win yesterday. >> brian: i like the smaller guys. let's talk about the biggest upset, giants-bengals. how does a team who --
7:37 am
>> that was the biggest in this area. >> brian: how dot giants lose to cincinnati, who are a fine team? the giants are the same team defending super bowl champs who just crushed the 49ers a few weeks ago? >> don't overlook people. this is a perfect example of teams going, looking past a team. cincinnati bengals are good. i picked them to be in the playoffs this year. i think that their defense is solid. marvin lewis does a great job with their offense. >> brian: something else going on. one of the most -- the biggest name in sports is still tim tebow. three catches. he put all kind of pressure on mark sanchez with his friends. is it time for the jets to go to him? >> i had a jets game earlier in the season. i'm amazed that they haven't given tim tebow at least a four or five or six plays a roam give the goo -- guy a chance. i think they're worried about
7:38 am
mark sanchez and thinks confidence. >> brian: no one cared about your confidence. you were stronger than ever before. >> you got to go and push the button and be a competitor and compete. if you're challenged, you got to either sink or rise. >> brian: right. as i mentioned, you made the transition, now you got a way where we can all get involved with the perfect burger. what are we doing? >> the ballpark flame grilled patty. put it in a microwave for a minute. if go on ballpark facebook page, we're having contest that ends today at 1:00 o'clock. get in there, make your contest. this is the sizzling saragusa. >> brian: what is in here? pasta or a burger? >> it's a meal. you have a flaming ballpark patty underneath it. you put a little bit of whatever. >> brian: sauce. >> yeah. sauce on the bottom there.
7:39 am
usually home made sauce. mozzarella. then i like macaroni. any kind of pasta. >> brian: you look great. >> my modeling career has gone down the tubes. >> brian: you quit that, remember. >> that's right. so this is my creation. if you go to the ballpark facebook page, you can get your own creation. you can win a nice prize. $5,000 and a nice package. >> brian: i would pick you because to me, you look like a guy that understands food. >> i don't know how you got that idea. >> brian: i don't know why i got that idea. fine will he, you're helping out in new jersey. your place got ruined. you're helping out everywhere you can. >> yeah. after the storm, i had a house in new jersey and i went down there two weeks ago and also last week before i go to the games during the week, i try to help out. the red cross has done an unbelievable job. fema came in and from when i first saw devastation to now,
7:40 am
unbelievable. streets are cleared, the houses are cleared. it's just been a really -- i don't want to say a great thing, but i see -- >> brian: you see progress. >> progress going on and on and on. we still haven't gotten out to the island. a lot of people haven't gotten their things and stuff. everyone is in a rush to get out there and get on the island. i understand it because when i first went there, all the gas smell and gas lines were on. it was horrible. and a lot of sink holes everywhere. and the streets collapsed. until it's safe, i think they've done an unbelievable job. no fatalities out there where i live. >> brian: there doesn't seem to be as much frustration in new jersey as in other areas of new york. tony, congratulations, also your book is fantastic. his biois still out there. go get it and go on facebook and be part of the madness. >> ballpark facebook page. steve and gretchen, any more modeling pictures you can show
7:41 am
us? >> brian: any pictures of models. >> steve: i think you've seen the limit for today. >> gretchen: we need brian and steve to be able to speak for the rest of the show. >> brian: i have an experienced model with me. >> steve: that's good stuff. thank you very much. straight ahead, the stories you have not heard in the aftermath of super storm sandy. >> i couldn't wait to get in the car. i just couldn't. >> steve: heros rising from the rubble when we roll on. >> gretchen: then david petraeus calling it quits from the c.i.a. days before the benghazi hearing. a coincidence? peter johnson, jr. is here with his thoughts. >> steve: born on this date in 1982, this actress' first major movie role was walt disney's "the princess diaries." who is she? come on, this is easy. e-mail us with the correct answer and you'll be the winner [ male announcer ] when a major hospital
7:42 am
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7:44 am
7:45 am
>> steve: welcome back. >> brian: been two weeks since sandy hit the east coast. thousands of people on long island, new york city, are still without power and they've had enough. >> more trucks! more trucks! more trucks! >> brian: more trucks, more communication. the long island power company adding insult to injury. an official reportedly told the crowd in rockaway that they would need to hire a licensed electrician to inspect their homes before power could be restored and they can get inspection forms on-line. insensitive to say the least. robert moses in long island with the latest. robert? >> good morning to you and good morning, everyone. getting information on-line is an impossibility for more than
7:46 am
78,000 lipa customers here on long island because they still don't have power two weeks after sandy. where we are this morning, this is east meadow long island. that's about 1840 customers here don't have power. you can see why. there is still a lot of damage left over. there is a lot of work to be done. protesters gathered this weekend to express their displeasure at the slow pace of this restoration. power has been restored to 95% of the customers who can safely receive it. many still are not satisfied at all. lipa says power will be restored to 99% of the customers who can receive it by the end of the day tomorrow. there are still many people here on long island whose homes have been severely damaged and for them it will take much longer. robert moses, fox news, now back to you. >> steve: thank you very much. >> gretchen: firsthand account here with brian and your neighborhood. >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: is it true you were leading the charge to try and get the power back? >> brian: i was one of the people looking for it. at first i want to -- you have a
7:47 am
chance to see "60 minutes" last night? because of breezy point. you know of all the homes that flat up blew up. when you talk about the history of what breezy point has been through with the airplane crash into the neighborhoods to those who lost their lives in 9-11, look what's left of their homes. >> steve: dennis brady is a guy whose house was in breezy point. he was down in florida and he got a call from his wife and she said hey, the whole neighborhood is on fire. he got in his car and he drove for 18 hours. along the way he bought a generator and everything he could. he maxed out his american express because he had to get home to that. here he is on "60 minutes" last night. >> i can't imagine anything worse than being 1,000 miles from here and have your wife on the phone telling you that the house is flooded and the fire is coming. i couldn't wait to get in the car. i just couldn't. >> what did you do?
7:48 am
>> i rented a -- ran to the store and got everything i could, generators, water pump. i just told the guy, stuff the car with everything you got in in place and put it in there. here is my credit card. >> maxed out the credit card? >> i called american express and told them do what you have to do. this stuff is going on the card. >> how long did it take to you drive here? >> 19, 20 hours. you know, i stopped for gas and kept going. >> straight through? >> straight through. >> when you got here what, did you see? >> devastation. >> steve: total devastation. >> gretchen: so emotional to see. put it in perspective, that's just one family. there were more than 100 homes that blew up in that neighborhood alone and that's just one section of where the storm hit. brian, you also had this kind of devastation in your neighborhood. there were homes that blew am on your street. >> yeah. they blew up. i still don't know what happened. one into the other. harrowing story is that people pulling out other people, old people out of their homes 'cause
7:49 am
it looked like the whole block was going to go on fire with water up around their chest. having said that, those people have it a lot worse. when you're looking at a situation that could have been totally avoided. they said you have to have your homes checked out. so they got these certificates. then they said no, no. we have to send a volunteer firefighter to look at your house, who they're the greatest people, but they have no electrical background. they're going to check and do a better job and sign off on the house. so if you have that electric certificate, this say it no longer counts. here is the deal, you're not home. so who is going to let them in your home? i witnessed something, if it wasn't for peter king getting personally involved. if it wasn't for edmund getting personally involved and liaison between hundreds of people, it's 80,000 people affected and this
7:50 am
stupid contradictory way in which these private contractors were hire to do imcomplement this strategy that was totally different than on the lipa web site. if it wasn't for them getting personally involved, interact with lipa to tell them how wrong they were as what was listed on their web site, nobody would have power today. last night finally at 9:00 o'clock, they ok'd it because the higher up high school to get involved. they hired people from the outside who don't know the area, don't have backgrounds. the guy who was dealing with this, his ring tone was from the "the godfather." he would sit there with a black car saying, you, you and you, you're okay, without checking your box. you would think would happen in the third world nation. but it's happening right here. lack of preparation. >> gretchen: hopefully it will be resolved sometime soon, but it won't get rid of the frustration. coming up, david petraeus calling it quits just days before the hearings on benghazi, libya. was that just a coincidence or was the timing too convenient?
7:51 am
that's next. >> steve: on this day in 1975, this was the number one song in america "island girl," elton john [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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7:54 am
>> steve: the answer to the aflac trivia question, anne hathaway, everybody knows that. the winner is anthony albany from the bronks in new york. meanwhile, speculation running rampant that general petraeus' resignation from the c.i.a. was way too convenient to be a coincidence. is it meant to be a distraction from the benghazi hearings set to take place later this week on capitol hill? petraeus was supposed to speak joining us with his preparation for truth is fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> you remember i said a few weeks ago that i thought that based on the evidence we had then, this was the obama administration's watergate. this gets deeper and deeper
7:55 am
every day. there is a report by jennifer griffin and adam housley on fox that miss broadwell, the mistress of general petraeus, allegedly told a group in denver that the reason that there was an attack on the c.i.a. consulate and annext was that libyan militia members were being held there. now, if that's true, that puts a lie to all it this motion about a video. >> steve: where did she find that out? >> the story also reports that some congressional members were considering charging general petraeus, head of the c.i.a., with perjury, but withholding judgment until he testified before congress this week. >> steve: i read in the "wall street journal" this morning that apparently when they approached her and they said, what's going on here, she gave hem her computer and apparently there were classified documents on her computer. but petraeus said she didn't get them from me. >> she denied it. and he denied it. but someone is leaking the fact that there were classified documents on her computer. why is that being leaked?
7:56 am
is petraeus now the fall guy for what happened in benghazi? either appropriately or inappropriately. the state department scenario is, c.i.a. was supposed to provide security. did they provide security on that day? we weren't involved. it was the c.i.a. operation. >> steve: as a lawyer, what would be the right thing -- you want to hear from mr. petraeus as we all do. what would someone suggests, let's subpoena him. >> i believe he's a patriot and so maybe this girlfriend issue is a red herring. maybe it's designed to hurt his credibility. who knows at this point? there are too many questions than answers. i think duty, honor, country wins out. i think in the end he will testify verily. if not, he will be subpoenaed by congress and compelled to answer questions l in closed session or in open session. obviously he can't reveal classified information. the questions mount and mount and mount and mount in this. why wasn't there security to begin with? how did the united states
7:57 am
respond? what was the c.i.a. role, f.b.i. role? congressional role and the white house,? >> steve: a lot of dots that need connecting. thank you. straight ahead, new study linking the common flu with autism. the results coming up. dana perino joins us here with the one thing the president should have done before accepting petraeus' resignation where others fail, droid powers through.
7:58 am
introducing the new droid razr maxx hd by motorola. now more than ever droid does.
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8:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is monday, i hope odd great weekend. it's november 12, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. brand-new details about the petraeus scandal this morning. why didn't the white house force the general to testify about benghazi as a condition for his resignation? dana perino says they should have. she's coming up. >> steve: better get used to cook at home. more and more restaurant owners say obamacare is putting layoffs on their menu. >> brian: what would you do if you were handed a death sentence? clay walker knows. he's living proof and he's here. fox friends friends starts right now.
8:01 am
that's what he looks like. ♪ heaven help the fool ho did her wrong ♪ ♪ it's too late, too bad ♪ she's too far gone. >> steve: we're celebrating veterans day today and i don't think clay knew whether or not he was supposed to lip sync that or not. >> gretchen: that's his new hit for servicemen and women. "won't be lonely -- she won't be lonely long." he'll sing it later. >> brian: honestly, do you like that guy's voice? >> he sounds like a b plus to me. [ laughter ] >> brian: that was you. can you believe it? >> i'm here on veterans day. happy to be here. >> steve: you'll be singing shortly. in the meantime, we've got headlines. dana perino is in the on deck circle. >> gretchen: she is. let's give you your headlines.
8:02 am
sad story to tell you about, friends, family, co-workers and students gathering for an emotional vigil to remember a second grade teacher and her husband killed in an explosion in indianapolis. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ ♪ . >> gretchen: jennifer longworth taught at southwest elementary for 12 years. she and her husband lived in one of the homes destroyed by the blast that rocked an indianapolis neighborhood saturday night. >> i found out he died, too, i cried. i just really cried. >> she would always read stories. >> she just loved her job. she was good with all of the kids. did an excellent job. >> gretchen: hundreds of people had been forced from their homes following this explosion. investigator says it could be weeks before they know exactly what caused it. adding insult to injury, while thousands of people in long island, new york, remain without power, the l picks a, the power authority, advising them to speed up the process of getting their power back by
8:03 am
going on-line? a little tough when you don't have power. official reportedly told a group of residents in rockaway that they can hire an electrician to inspect their homes and to get those inspection forms on-line. this as hundreds of people protested this weekend over what has now become a two-week delay in getting their power back. at last check to their web site, there are 79,000 people in long island without power. strangely, that's a huge jump up from the 64,000 stated earlier this morning. no word on what caused the increase. nascar meets the wwe. clint boyar and jeff gordon' wreck causing an all-out brawl in phoenix. the fight starts when one of the men on boyar's pit crew grabs gordon, watch this, grabs him from behind, both sides get into it. even the drivers. nascar officials looking further now into the incident before determining any kind of punishment. gordon says his tension with boyar escalatedded over the year and he just got stead up. that turned into a huge mess. across the country, people
8:04 am
thanking our military vets for their sacrifice. president obama laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. vietnam war memorial in washington, d.c., veterans mark ago major milestone. this year is the 50th anniversary of that war. out in california, veterans react add war memorial cross in the mohave desert. it was raised by world war one veterans. after a lengthy legal battle, remember it was taken down? then it was reinstalled and dedicated yesterday. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: all right. joining us on this monday, dana perino. good morning to you. >> how are you? >> steve: doing okay. the david petraeus story, you know, so many people are saying, that's kind of suspicious. the white house found out about it 150 seconds after -- 15 seconds after the election. what do you think? >> i'm personally heart broken for them. i think america is.
8:05 am
whenever two people go through anything, a heartache is hard enough o do privately in your bathroom as you're crying on the floor, but when it's played out in the newspapers and all over the world and one of your most important military and intelligence officers, it is harder to take. okay. so then what concerns me is i could see how this is all a coincidence, right? >> steve: what a coincidence. >> when the moon is just right and you could just see it all work. on the posting on the benghazi piece, i don't know about the hold on it until after the election. perhaps that was the right thing to do, but i still think there is a lot of holes in this story and the white house. they have a huge victory last week. they deserve to feel their oats, do what they need. however, i do feel from the communications stand point, they could have been more sensitive to how people were going to feel when this news about petraeus was released because one of the goals of a press secretary is to say to the president, you realize what people are going to say, right? you realize what people are going to think? so one of the things i thought that president obama could have done is to say, look, i
8:06 am
reluctantly accepted his resignation, but as a condition of that, i have asked him to volunteer to testify next week for the good of the nation. then they would have not had all of the conspiracy theory problems that are going around. >> brian: there is a little more in that. i have wond for it ties anything to what jennifer griffin said. when we were trying to piece together what happened and who was at fault, we were trying to find out if this tape had anything to do with it. it didn't seem like it had anything to do with it. when david petraeus put a monkey wrench into the whole process when he briefed privately leaders, lawmakers and said, listen, it looks like the video had a lot to do with this, and they came out scratching their head. like that's general david petraeus. could he possibly believe that the video was behind this? wondering if that's somehow linking? >> gretchen: why would he say this? >> when the news first came out, we were getting ready to do "the five." i said, i don't think anybody throws away their 37 year marriage on national television to cover up for a white house on
8:07 am
an issue like benghazi. that doesn't make sense to me. however, is it plausible that they said, do this or we will expose you? and he said, i'll expose myself. >> gretchen: that's the question i'm wondering this morning because it doesn't seem somebody who would know terror almost better than anyone else in this nation, david petraeus, having served in afghanistan, et cetera, that he would think that it was the videotape when all evidence, now we know was pointing in the direction for even the average american that it wasn't the videotape. was it a quid pro quo. i hope to bring up the question. >> i don't know. i actually -- i don't trend towards conspiraciy theories. i find them interesting. but on this one, in the middle of the show on friday, when i was doing "the five," all of a sudden, e-mail from somebody that's close to me that is again, not that much into the news, not very political, they're at the airport waiting to board a plane to go home
8:08 am
after a workweek and she said, i will never for the rest of my life believe that this wasn't political and that they forced petraeus out. she's not a political person. that's why i'm saying that the white house could have handled this with a slightly more sensitivity and care about how the rest of the nation was going to take it. >> steve: on our program in the 6:00 o'clock hour, we'd former c.i.a. operative, gary, he says it's very clear, he says the white house is lying. watch. >> pants on fire award. >> brian: who isn't? >> the white house is not telling truth. this is politically engineered, all of this for their own benefit. they had to have known. you would not be reading the c.i.a. director's e-mails and doing an investigation in the department of justice and in the f.b.i. against your c.i.a. director without informing the white house. they're lying! >> i don't go that far. i do think this is very strange. on friday as the petraeus is unfolding, jennifer griffin is
8:09 am
reporting about an anonymous briefing given by the department of defense. anonymous means you can not quote the person, but they gave their time line for what happened and how long it took until secretary panetta was told about the unfolding situation in benghazi. so convenient, right? again, friday night dump, they put it out there. >> steve: 1550 minutes. >> you think that doesn't -- 50 minutes. >> that doesn't match up. how is it possible that the white house press corp. or other reporters accept an off the record anonymous briefing from the department of defense on a time line like that, but on the record, everyone else in the administration saying that there is no problems here. >> gretchen: the interesting thing about the petraeus story is the press will probably cover the libya story because of the salty petraeus element. so maybe some of those questions will be asked. let me ask you this, should general david petraeus testify next week? >> yes, i think he should. and i think that president obama should have asked him to do so. >> gretchen: will he? >> will he? i don't know.
8:10 am
>> steve: he's a patriot. >> that's amazing. i think he would think just from having gotten to know him a little bit, i do think he would believe it would be the rye thing to do to testify. and so maybe he will go ahead and do that. i'm sure he's trying right now to take care of his wife, which is the right thing to do. but he also has an obligation to the nation. >> brian: the other theory out there is the c.i.a. has a way of expressing that they don't like the guy in charge. we saw that. i'm just wondering, is this the way of the c.i.a. letting people know, i don't like the way he was running things 'cause we've had heard rumblings that david petraeus was not making the smoothest transition there. >> now, that is the stuff of a brad trore novel. it's a great question. i don't know of the i never heard that they disliked him at the c.i.a., that they thought he was fine and competent. i don't know. president-elect obama he felt more warmth there.
8:11 am
there is always tension between the military and intel. so then you brought that together in david petraeus. remember, david petraeus in some way, he was talking about running for president. he never said he was going to, but other people talked about him running for president. and when he -- >> gretchen: or you could know that other people maybe thought he was a threat politically. >> right. so they bring him to the c.i.a. which is pretty much a place where you really never say anything. and remember who swore him in when he got the c.i.a. director job. >> gretchen: joe biden. >> it was joe biden in the roosevelt room and i remember thinking that -- that was a sign of this is where you are on the totem pole, sucker. >> brian: okay. >> gretchen: interesting. >> steve: listen to dana perino. >> brian: the pot is too thick. >> i'm very glad you have country music here on a monday finally. clay walker. >> steve: as soon as we stop yapping, he'll be playing. weapon be watching you on "the five." >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, a juicy burger your idea of the perfect lunch?
8:12 am
too bad. one city just decided to take the meat out of mondays. >> steve: then he made history for the first time in 20 years. voters elected a republican governor in north carolina. governor pat mccory is next [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. flavor boost, meet beef. it's swanson flavor boost. concentrated broth to add delicious flavor to your skillet dish in just one stir. mmm! [ female announcer ] cook, meet compliments. get recipes at
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8:15 am
♪ [ camera clicks ] ♪ it's hard to resist the craveable nature of a nature valley sweet & salty nut bar. >> steve: after last week's elections, there are now 30 republican governors. the highest of either party in over a decade. one race in particular is really interesting. it's in north carolina. registered democrats outnumbered republicans by more than 800,000. for the first time in over 20 years, voters chose a republican governor. joining us now to share his strategy with what he's going to do now is pat mccory.
8:16 am
good morning to you. >> thanks for having me on this veterans day morning. >> steve: it is great to have you as well. how did you win? >> well, what we did was we didn't let the democrats define me through negative ads. instead, we defined our self through positive ads. i did not run one or negative tv or radio ad in my entire election. for the 10th largest state in the united states not have a negative ad and that person win, hopefully send has signal to the rest of the nation that you can run on a positive vision for the future and a strategy for the future and democrats, independents and republicans responded to it. we're very, very pleased. >> steve: sure. one of the things, because you weren't throwing mud, you were talking about the positive aspects of what a governorship in north carolina under your helm would be, the thing was you were talking about i'm going to create jobs. people, now that you won the election, how are you going to create jobs?
8:17 am
>> we're going to get north carolina into the energy business like other states have done during the past five to six years. i hope to work with nikki haley and governor bob mcdonnel and convince the president to start doing offshore gas and oil exploration off the atlantic coast. we can form kind of a southeast coalition to bring new revenue to our states and also help make our country more energy independent. we're also going to look at regulations which are hurting our industries in north carolina, and our tax code is no longer competitive as it used to be with our neighboring states. so one minute i'll be working with nicky and bob, and the next minute, we're going to be competing against each other. we're also going to work together on obamacare. i think you're going to see the governors of this nation really have a big impact on how obamacare will be implemented and we're all working together on how exactly what our response will be with these incredibly new regulations that's coming down to the state level. >> steve: and mr. governor, while the president won four
8:18 am
more years there at the white house, it was a big night for the state houses with so many republicans now running so many state houses across the country. why do you think that is? >> first of all, i think we've got a good president with other with other governors throughout the nation who understand the real leadership is now at the state level and we can no longer wait for the federal government to move to create jobs and the real action, i think in the future, is going to happen in state government and also in cities and towns throughout the united states. those governments that are closest to the people are probable will he going to have more impact on the economy in not only north carolina, but the rest of the nation and we're going to quit waiting for washington and at times we're going to work with washington and at times we're going to try to revise what's happening in washington, which is having a negative impact on many states throughout the united states. >> steve: that's a great message. you got a lot to do. so you better get off the air here and start to work.
8:19 am
pat mccory, thank you very much for joining us today from charlotte in north carolina. >> thanks for having us. >> steve: thank you. good luck. meanwhile, does getting the flu when you're pregnant mean your baby will have autism? the surprising study results coming up next. and then sandy may have destroyed their homes, but not their weddings. how this woman is making sure of that. you're next on "fox & friends," gail. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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>> brian: quick headlines. new study finds that women who had the flu while expecting were twice as like low it have a child diagnosed with autism. this fits with research that suggests fighting off infection during pregnancy can affect developing child's brains. attention, coffee drinkers. your precious cup of coffee could be history. leave it to the british. they were researching again saying rising temperatures could wipe out 99% of wild arabica coffee beans by 2080. that could drive price up for future coffee drinkers. i'm out of things to say, so i'll toss it to the girl. >> gretchen: good, because we've fantastic story to tell everyone about. this is the bad part about it. there is still 100 thioureas department without power in the northeast following hurricane sandy. many are struggling due to the devastation. but the good part, brides to be impacted by the storm are getting some good news. >> steve: a new jersey-based bridal store called true love bridal is offering a 1,000 wedding gowns for free.
8:24 am
gail is the owner of true bridal, with us right now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you have 1,000 dresses at your disposal. >> at least 1,000 dresses. >> you were watching devastation. >> not even watching, listening. >> steve: and? >> because we had no power. >> steve: that's right. we spent a week listening to ham radio. you saw pictures like that and knew people needed help so decided to do what? >> i decided what could i do? so devastating, so overwhelming, what can i do? not much. what do i have a lot of? not much. wedding gowns. it's like, does it seem odd to do when people are losing their homes? whatever. so i called a local radio station, got on -- first i need the approval, the approval from not the husband who was paying the electric bill, and getting gas, the daughter. that mother-daughter thing. three words when i told her what
8:25 am
i was going to do. go for it. >> gretchen: love that. you got the message out. >> that friday. i couldn't get calls. i had no power in the store. people were calling and not getting through. we got power that monday. >> steve: the sword getting out and people are starting to show up and they're telling you stories that are absolutely heart breaking. >> absolutely heart breaking. cry. we cry all day. >> gretchen: like? >> one young lady just lost her house. got word. the next voice she heard was mine on the radio. it's a sign. adorable little girl comes in. i don't pay attention, you're here for your free gown. she lost her house. she was looking for a very simple wedding gown for her prom dress. she comes back in from the side of the store with a blue dress. she said, i can't pay for a prom dress. we found her one. we have other dresses in the store. we found her a prom dress and from my understanding, she had
8:26 am
to leave the area. she's in georgia with no place to live. >> steve: it's not just 1,000 dresses you are willing to find homes for. it's -- you look at the value of this stuff, gail, it's close to half a million dollars. >> actually i did the math wrong. it's more. >> steve: that's a lot. why are you doing it? >> i have them. we were supposed to move into a larger location. bridal dresses do not take dresses back. you hang up, they're yours. so we're housing them in my house. >> gretchen: what i love about you is that you're holding on to an old-fashioned tradition, which is called the honor system. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: and you are taking people at their word. >> absolutely. >> gretchen: had they come into their store and say i lost everything, or here is what i went through. >> either flooded out or my gown was in someone's basement and it's gone. definitely. >> steve: so many people now have so little and the wedding still is the biggest thing in hair world.
8:27 am
>> absolutely. >> steve: you must feel like afirey godmother. >> hard for me so accept, but yes, sometimes. >> steve: hopefully people are watching and they would like to get ahold of you. how do they do that? >> what's really hard, i have actually someone handle my facebook account because they tell me on my facebook is on fire. leaving messages are tough. and everybody out there who i haven't called back, i'm one person, i'm trying to get the calls in. my phone is going dead all the time because the battery needs to be charged. the best time is between 12 and 5. seven days a week at the store. >> steve: the store is true love bridal in morborough. >> gretchen: i hope women who get dress also take a picture and send it to you. >> the closing word is please make sure we get dresses. can we do one shout out? >> steve: absolutely. >> my husband is in the wings, former marines. everybody who is serving, my daughter would be disappointed. very important. >> steve: what's his first fame?
8:28 am
>> kevin. >> steve: hey kevin, you're on tv. congratulations. >> gretchen: thanks for your service and thanks tore, gail. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, better get used to cooking at home. more and more restaurant owners say obamacare could put layoffs on the menu instead of a tasty meal. >> steve: then if you want a juicy steak or burger or lunch, sorry, one city trying to declare mondays meatless. you got to hear where. that's coming up not in this economy. we also have zero free time, and my dad moving in. so we went to fidelity. we looked at our family's goals and some ways to help us get there. they helped me fix my economy, the one in my house. now they're managing my investments for me. and with fidelity, getting back on track was easier than i thought. call or come in today
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you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you. >> brian: shot of the morning. check out of the this smiling tourist swimming in the streets of venice. here is a couple in the middle. >> gretchen: oh, my gosh! >> brian: i'm on vacation, the pool is crowded. this group refuse to go let the bad weather in italy dampen their spirits. heavy rain brought the high tide mark to its sixth highest level. an eighth of venice is under water. >> steve: the streets were supposed to be where the water was, the canals. but it turns out the squares, the passageway, all flooded. >> brian: they're floating on a
8:33 am
da vinci pointing. >> gretchen: very good insight, brian. now the rest of your headlines for monday of the it could be the most serious pilot shortage in the united states since the 1960s. the "wall street journal" reporting that there won't be enough qualified candidates to replace the thousands who will reach the mandatory retirement anal of 65 in the next few years. hiring will be complicated next summer due to federal regulations that require new pilots have at least 1500 hours of flying experience. that is six times more than the current requirement. >> steve: a senior citizen home in california trusted to care for the residents under fire for two deaths and more sicknesses. cops say two people died after the care giver unknowingly picked poison mushrooms from the backyard and turned them into soup of the they say foul play not intended, but the victims' loved ones are upset about how it's been handled. >> brian: the drive through capital of the world is declaring mondays meatless. los angeles city council unanimously voting to approve a
8:34 am
resolution encouraging people to go veggie on the increase day of every week. the move aimed at cutting meat consumption for health and environmental reasons. it's a recommendation and cannot be enforced. >> steve: thank goodness. >> gretchen: it's a parent's worst nightmare action this child wandered out of his home without his parents noticing and couldn't find the way home. but luckily he had a guardian angel, his dog, dasher. the loyal pooch stayed with him all night long, keeping him warm and barking when search crews were nearby. it took 14 hours to find bit and his dog. they were in a forest two miles away. this morning thanks to dasher, both are doing just fine. oh, my gosh. >> brian: now turning to football, best and worst. for the best run, let's go to adrien peterson. the guy had a knee injury that was supposed to sit him out for a year. i believe he's healed. the 61-yard run is proof of it. the vikings, one of the surprise
8:35 am
teams of the year. they win over the lions. biggest upset? or the best? cincinnati. i'm turning away now. they smashed the new york giants. maybe the time off will help the champs recuperate for an all around bad game that they experienced. bengals won. best win game goes to dallas. still alive after beating the eagles. going ahead and winning bay substantial margin. michael vick hurt, concussion. sat out. that's all dallas needed. that's a quick look at what happened yesterday in football. >> steve: let's talk about what happened last tuesday. of course, we're talking about the federal election. president obama, four more years. some suggested that the only way to stop obamacare would be to elect mitt romney. now that he's got four more years, there are a number of businesses, in fact a couple of days ago we talked to a fellow who has a bunch of appleby's here and he told brian and me
8:36 am
that if obamacare continues, his business is going to be in big trouble. >> brian: he's got to cut the hours back to 30 because he can't afford his business model while giving everybody health care insurance. it's just not what -- i was a waiter, i never got health care when you were a waiter. >> gretchen: it affects small businesses who have 50 or more employees. in other words, you have to provide the health care or you pay the fine and many people are deciding to maybe not hire as many people or to pay the fine. lots of people trying to figure out what they're going to do. they know it will be one thing, which is more expensive. here is a papa john's franchise owner, judy nichols, on fox friends friends earlier with her thoughts. >> we have 51 full time equivalents and the base year is 2013. so we have to manage down our staffing by four part-time or two full time people over the 2013 year from the beginning to the end or we qualify as big business and that minimum
8:37 am
$40,000 tax and $2,000 per head, we can't afford that. peace just pizza. i was so ready for growth. we were going to add 100 jobs this year with the new pizza restaurants and even some grocery stores. there is just no money for it. i cannot pay my staff and pay all these taxes. there is only so much blood you can get out of a turnip. everest rapt you eat at is impacted negatively by this law. >> steve: for so many small business owners, this law is counter intuitive to why they got into business. they got newies to get bigger. the guy with the appleby's, he's really quite large. he's got a lot of employees. he was on our program on friday and said this. >> capital always finds its most efficient use. its most efficient use is not adding to overhead. its most efficient use is expanding a company and hiring people. so they pay their own health care. without a job, yeah, you need
8:38 am
the government to give you health care. if you have a job, maybe it's not as important. and the reality is this will create less jobs. guaranteed. i bet my company on it. >> gretchen: lots of people who run businesses right now l it's a small business or ceo of a big corporation, you no doubt are having a lot of metings about how do we motorcycle this whole thing out with health care moving forward? many people argue that a lot of these big companies are not going to be providing health care down the road as we've known it. so that you will either have to go on the government mandated plan or figure it out on your own. there will be a lot of change, no doubt. >> brian: i'm curious to see hot negotiations -- we'll be talking about the fiscal cliff. they are talking about some type of business tax reduction and some type of corporate tax reduction. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, a great final 30 minutes. general petraeus calling it quits just days before the hearing on benghazi. was that just a coincidence or was the timing too convenient?
8:39 am
a closer look next. >> steve: then what would do you if you were handed a death sentence? country superstar clay walker knows. he's living proof. he's here with his awesome song on this veterans day. clay, stick around. you're coming up. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment
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>> steve: hurricane sandy hit nearly two weeks ago. so why are tens of thousands of people on long island, new york, still in the dark? needless to say, they are upset. look at this. >> more trucks! more trucks! more trucks! more trucks! >> steve: the long island power authority, lipa, offering a an embarrassing solution. telling victims to go on-line
8:43 am
for a form that's going to speed up the process. how can they do that without electricity? wnyw robert moses is live in long island with the very latest. >> good morning to you. and good morning, everyone. this neighborhood is still in the dark, as are about 78,000 lipa customers on long island. this is why. you can see the damage still behind me. we're talking about 1800 or so people here in this town who still do not have power. more than two weeks or just about two weeks after the storm. over the weekend, protesters gathered here on long island to express their displeasure with how long this is taking to turn the power back on. according to lipa, about 935% of the customers -- 935% of the customers -- 95% of the customers who with receive power have it back. that is not high enough. lipa say 99% of the customers who can safely receive electrical power should have it back by tomorrow. but keep in mind, many people here on long island have suffered so much damage that they can't even think about
8:44 am
getting electrical power back into their homes. that is the latest, live from east meadow, robert moses, fox news. >> steve: thank you very much. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks. there seems to be more questions than answers following the resignation of david petraeus days after the presidential election. did the white house know something before and choose to stay silent until after the election and so many more questions. joining me is the columnist for the "new york post" and fox news contributor, michael goodwin. so you are write this article saying like many people, there are so many unanswered questions here. do you think the white house knew before tuesday? >> well, if they didn't, they should have. the fact that the white house claims that only found out on tuesday about this investigation and general petraeus, which had been going on at least since the summer. so how does the f.b.i. investigate the head of the c.i.a., does not tell the leaders of the justice department, which is required to do under its own guidelines about sensitive cases, and how
8:45 am
does eric holder then not tell president obama, oh, by the way, general petraeus is being investigated by the f.b.i.? >> gretchen: you think that would have actually affected the election results or is this more about benghazi is this. >> well, look, we don't know what it would have done in the election. i do think if benghazi clearly is an unresolved issue, having petraeus, who is a legitimate manner hero, having him come under suspicion during the campaign would not have served the president well under any circumstance. but ultimately, you're right. it is about benghazi because petraeus played a very important role in reaffirming the administration's false narrative, it is false that, a video sparked the riot and the attack. >> gretchen: for me this morning, that is the red hot question. why did general petraeus say under oath that it was the videotape? this is a guy who knows terror better than anyone else arguably. why? >> well, that's the question.
8:46 am
because when he gave that briefing to leading members of congress, they all came out either perplexed or furious. this was long after the video had been debunked. the state department knew the first night that it was a terrorist attack. the state department later said in its own briefing, we never said it was the video. >> gretchen: he knows he's under investigation, so why -- just theorize with me. i don't would he say this? >> i think that's one of the big questions. was he being a team player? after all, this was the official white house narrative. it was the video at that point. and so the c.i.a. boss tells congress, oh, it's the video long after there is evidence it wasn't. so is he just being a team player? is he being incompetent in this case? i think that's one of the reasons why this whole thing has to be investigated. the f.b.i.'s conduct has to be investigated. the idea that the f.b.i. is investigating the c.i.a., these agencies are historic rivals and
8:47 am
that they're looking at his e-mails and nobody in the c.i.a. knows this? the c.i.a. director's e-mails are being read and nobody in the c.i.a. knows it? it's not believable. >> gretchen: to think we had a lot of questions about benghazi before friday afternoon. nighcal goodwin, check out his columns on the "new york post." his doctor said he has eight years to live. 16 years later, he's one of country music's biggest stars. all right. ♪ demons on my right ♪ never ending battle ♪ it's a constant fight >> gretchen: clay walker here next to perform his first patriotic song. first, let's check in with martha mccallum for what's up at the top of the hour. >> good morning. we will speak in "america's newsroom" with michael hayden about the resignation of general petraeus. also k.t. mcfarland is here. she will weigh in as well, especially on whether the general will testify and what he will say. and the still suffering victims
8:48 am
of hurricane sandy, where is the government in getting help for them? see you at the top of the hour.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
>> steve: he is a multi platinum country music star who is here to give a special salute to our men and women on veterans day. >> gretchen: we're joined by clay walker. good morning to you n good morning. you look great today. >> steve: thank you very much. >> brian: you were looking right at gretchen when you said that, smart man. >> gretchen: thank you. >> steve: we were talking in the teasers about how you, back in 1996, got a death sentence. >> that can be very debilitating. i had so many looks attention,
8:52 am
the dorks told me i would possibly be dead in eight years. it was very bad. but i've been able to manage the disease with a daily injection and actually have a great wife, great care partner that helps take care of me. that's why we're here today, for veterans day, first of all. and secondly, to spend tomorrow talking about care partners week. >> steve: which is what? >> which is where your care partner, your significant other, helps you deal with whatever disease you're going through. it's a very known fact in the medical industry that when you have a care partner, that helps you that you tend to do better. >> brian: talk about this album, first off. you mentioned -- you're part of this relationship, 'cause you bring in the money. >> steve: make it rain. >> brian: she's raising the two kids. >> gretchen: exactly. hats off to the moms out there. >> brian: off song dedicated to veterans. >> i wrote a song called "all american." and i'm all about being american. proud to be an american. love watching "fox & friends." obviously you guys are one of my favorite shows.
8:53 am
that's why i wanted to come here today to salute our veterans with our song and talk about it was because of our veterans that we have the liberties that we have in this country. that's what the song is about. it's about the liberties. >> gretchen: "she won't did she did did she. >> this one is "all american." >> steve: guys ready? go. ♪ southern tip of texas ♪ the top of bangor maine ♪ friday night lights ♪ it's those hometown games ♪ man they mean everything ♪ wall street new york ♪ west l.a. ♪ all kind of people but they're both the same ♪ ♪ i'm proud to say that we're all american ♪ ♪ in god we trust ♪ living the dream and never get tough ♪
8:54 am
♪ in what we believe in ♪ we're all americans ♪ we work real hard ♪ we like to barbecue up ♪ we have friends ♪ we are all americans ♪ we're all americans ♪ there is a farmer in kansas and a teacher in the bronks ♪ ♪ one raising kids and the other raising crops ♪ ♪ in the melting pot ♪ i was just a boy ♪ i had a best friend ♪ the funny last name and weird accent ♪ ♪ now he's an astronaut ♪ 'cause we're all american
8:55 am
♪ in god we trust ♪ a little dream and never give up ♪ ♪ what you believe in ♪ we're all american and we work real hard ♪ ♪ we like to barbecue up every chance ♪ ♪ baseball, friends ♪ we're all american ♪ we're all american ♪ land of the free ♪ home of the brave ♪ we stand together ♪ that's why it's called the usa ♪ ♪ and we're all american ♪ we're all american
8:56 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> being away from family and friends, two beautiful little girls, beautiful wife. >> every day we're counting down and when we first see that plane coming in taxiing in -- taxiing in, the feeling inside is so great that he's home. he's safe. >> it was a great feeling. very excited. >> it's really, really good. it's been tough the last two months with him away. it's extra special 'cause it's veterans day. >> steve: wonderful. homecoming over the weekend in tampa. >> gretchen: coming up tomorrow, we're going to have newt gingrich here, mike huckabee, and laura ingraham will give us her thoughts as always very candidly. >> brian: among the people coming oe

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